Travel Schedule

Australia trip

  •  7 – 10 November: exploration of the fascinating rain forest, meeting of aborigines and distribution of special protective eclipse glasses.
  • 11-14 November: astronomy and technical photographic training with days of  co-ordinated shoots during the eclipse (14 November at dawn – UTC: 13 Nov 20.30)
  • 15-18 November: aquatic lessons to delve into the marvels of the coral reefs – see aquatic workshop section.


This will be based on individual requirements.  We have booked various lodgings within a range of prices starting from 30 euros up to100 euros per day per person


These can be booked though the FeduxViaggio travel agents or you can take advantage of various offers available through LINK (prices start from 800,00 euros)

Project aims

  1. you will be part of the development of the book which will be witness to the mission
  2. take part in the various stages and activities
  3. collaborate on the publication on our site of the project’s development
  4. Join us in presenting the book and the related activities
  5. share the result of your work


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